How Sexy is Ebola?

Apparently, Ebola is sexy. Yes, not only is Ebola funny, it is also SEXY.

I found out this mind-blowing fact on Halloween Day. I searched “ebola costume” on Twitter, because I know that there are morons with no sense of social propriety in our midst. True to form, they come out in full force, fingers tweeting with moronic gusto.

Some were generally excited about nailing this oh-SO-creative costume:

Others were filled with apprehension because, you know, life was standing in the way of their Ebola sexiness #PoorYou #Catastrophe #Tragic:

Then you had the ones that were facing a genuine dilemma because they had some REALLY tough questions that needed urgent answers:

I mean, I don’t know, moron. Here is a very short list of why this MIGHT be inappropriate:

And then, this winner:

People (serious side eye to Americans) have spent the past couple of weeks demonizing Africans for “bringing” (because it’s obviously something you carry in your pocket. Like a pen. Or those fliers that roadside campaigners shove in your face) Ebola to their hallowed soil. And, of course, ALL Africans are guilty until proven innocent because we, all ~1 billion of us, all live under the same roof. “Stop the Africans! Close our borders! Ban the flights! Quarantine those savages!”, people have screamed at the top of their lungs. People have been routinely harassed, dehumanized, and stigmatized because of a deadly virus that rages thousands of miles away.

Then, Halloween comes around, and Ebola is suddenly sexy? It becomes yet another tired “slutty —-” or “sexy—–” costume derivative? What exactly is sexy about Ebola? The fact that over 13,500 people have been infected with this deadly virus? Or that about 5000 people have died from it? The children that have been orphaned? Or the families that have been wiped out? Oh, wait, maybe it’s the fact that children in the worst hit places can’t even go to school? Isn’t that sexy?! Why don’t you incorporate ALL of that sexiness into your costume? I bet that would win you first prize at the costume contest.

Ebola is not funny. Neither is it sexy.

Again, for the kids at the back of the class: EBOLA.IS.NOT.FUNNY.OR.SEXY.

Ebola is not a pun that you can use to score cool points. People’s tragedy is not a costume or a garland to wear around your neck. If you’re headed out tonight with an Ebola costume, I suggest that you abort mission and self-quarantine, because you’re a menace to the people around you. Have some sense, be a normal human being and put on a normal costume about a cartoon character or a superhero. Here is an entire list of them: 55 Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas. You’re welcome.


7 thoughts on “How Sexy is Ebola?

  1. Thank you so much for this. I have gone against the grain several times when I tell my friends Ebola jokes are in very bad taste. Several of them litter cyberspace. This scourge is ravaging West Africa and it becomes cannon fodder for some sickos? Now we have ebola costumes? How sickening and base can one really get. Spare a thought for those families, frontline health care workers, orphaned children, sick and dying thousand and ravaged economies which may take years to turn around. Then if we have any sliver of conscience, maybe we will hang our heads in shame for laughing, when others are crying, dying or dead.

  2. Naja, I have some sympathy. Maybe not for the “sexy” part of it because it involves sexism, but, say, an anti Ebola mask worn as a Halloween dress could be quite funny actually. Of course, I wouldn’t be mocking the poor victims of this disease but rather those crazy Europeans and Americans who fear they might now suddenly get this where the risk of being hit by a rooftile is probably 1000 times higher.

  3. Appalling ignorance – that’s what this is. It shows how totally ignorant the average American is about whatever happens abroad.

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